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Sponsor Tom Lopez

Click the picture to support Tom’s work in Honduras!

This is Tom Lopez, founder and President of of Involved To Impact and leader of 8 consecutive Honduras Outreach Teams. Tom’s vision is of communities supporting emerging leaders, as they practice leadership through service in communities of need.

Tom is a mental health counselor and social worker, who has worked for many years with sheltered and unsheltered homeless in the US. His experiences in Honduras inspire him to continue finding new ways to address social issues and unmet needs both at home and abroad.

Tom is an artist as well and a founding board member of Positive Street Art. He looks forward to introducing new team members and building new partnerships that promote synnergy between leaders. Tom is also a city Alderman for ward 4 Nashua, serving his third consecutive term and recently co-founded Operation Enduring Welcome, a program that engages homeless veterans in community.

Tom is working to develop opportunities to introduce renewable energy sources to the remote areas of Honduras our team serves and will be partnering with Revision Energy to build such opportunities.

Tom’s mother passed away suddenly three years ago, while they were collaborating on an idea to allow crowd sourced sponsorship of education, for children in need. In supporting Tom’s projects you also have the opportunity to designate your support to the Kathy Lopez Memorial Fund, in her honor.

Click here to support Tom’s 2020 Vision!

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